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30 Days of Genius: Richard Branson

Chase Jarvis, Richard Branson

5 mins

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Leading global businessman Richard Branson reveals why entrepreneurs take risks, how you can create businesses by filling market gaps, and how to create good habits for success.


30 Days of Genius: Richard Branson

30 Days of Genius: Richard Branson

by Chase Jarvis


It's possible to be innovative within a space where innovation seems impossible. Richard Branson makes the most of exciting situations and leans into creativity to build his business. Being open to taking risks, and doing so with solutions in mind, has helped drive Branson's businesses forward.

Branson is universally recognized as a successful entrepreneur. He's known for disrupting industries around the globe. Branson has managed to create 400 companies under his Virgin umbrella. With Virgin Galactic Airways, for example, he's exploring opportunities in space.

In this lesson from the 2016 video series 30 Days of Genius, Chase Jarvis finds out what drives one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs. In the interview, Branson touches on health, wellness, and creativity. He also explains how travel and discovery can open our eyes to bigger and better ideas.

Favorite quote

If you cannot come up with your own unique idea, you can look at the ideas in other countries in the world and see how you can work on them.

- Richard Branson

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