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30 Days of Genius: Kelly Starrett

Chase Jarvis

5 mins

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Fitness guru Kelly Starrett unpacks the key principles for keeping fit and the fundamentals of incorporating physical activity into your daily routine.


30 Days of Genius: Kelly Starrett

30 Days of Genius: Kelly Starrett

by Chase Jarvis


With so much time spent on our screens nowadays, it's too easy to hit 5 pm and realize that we've barely moved. Fortunately for our health, Kelly Starrett has practical tips to help keep you moving throughout the working day.

In his 30 Days of Genius series, photographer, author, and CreativeLive co-founder Chase Jarvis sits down with top creatives and entrepreneurs. In this episode, Jarvis interviews Kelly Starrett, a doctor, speaker, and author passionate about body management. Starrett discusses the relationship between the body and the mind, the importance of physical exercise, and his strategies to help you shape your environment.

Favorite quote

There's never a time when you can't learn something.

- Kelly Starrett

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