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30 Days of Genius: James Altucher

Chase Jarvis

5 mins

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In this panel discussion, entrepreneur and hedge fund manager James Altucher discusses the 20 startups he's founded - 17 of which have failed - and how coming to terms with these failures spurned on his future success.


30 Days of Genius: James Altucher

30 Days of Genius: James Altucher

by Chase Jarvis


This class is a part of the 30 Days of Genius series, where host Chase Jarvis has sit-down discussions with top creatives and entrepreneurs. In this episode, Jarvis interviews James Altucher, a hedge-fund manager, author, podcaster, and an entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded over 20 companies.

In this episode, Altucher shares his journey on creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as the overwhelming amount of failures he's faced along the way. He also shares some actionable insights and strategies on how to deal with failures, practice creativity everyday, and turn your ideas into reality.

Favorite quote

What you do for a living might not be what you do for your life, so you might not make money at what you love doing, but you can make enough that it makes you happy, and then you quit the job.

- James Altucher

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