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21 Days to a Big IdeaBy Bryan Mattimore

In a Nutshell

The 2015 book 21 Days to a Big Idea shows you how to combine the creative and rational sides of your brain to come up with new ideas and fun ways to implement them, which might even help you create a sustainable business in the long run.

Favorite Quote

In the scheme of things, the time spent upfront in the idea-generation phase is so minor compared to the time needed to develop that idea.

Bryan Mattimore


The line between having too many and too few ideas is thinner than you might think, and most people fall into one category or the other.

Either you feel that you have too many ideas that can't be executed, or, you believe you've got nothing creative in your locker at all.

Throughout his career, which spans more than 30 years, author and innovation expert Bryan Mattimore has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies create billions of dollars in new ideas using his unique creative-thinking exercises.

In his book, 21 Days to a Big Idea, Mattimore highlights how aspiring entrepreneurs can use his tried and tested toolkit in order to come up with and implement their next great idea — and gain some great problem-solving skills too.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Listening to your inner child will take you right to the intersection of creativity and rationality
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