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Damon Gameau

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An optimistic environmental documentary disclosing the massive impact that existing green technology could have in avoiding a climate catastrophe and building a brighter future.




by Damon Gameau


The narrative surrounding the climate crisis in the media is almost entirely negative. Although our current environmental situation is dire, too much negativity can also lead to an overwhelming sense of helplessness, which is counterproductive.

Damon Gameau is an award-winning Australian director and environmentalist seeking to shed light upon the actions we can take to make our world a better place.

2040 is a documentary that seeks to answer one simple question: if we embraced the green technology that already existed when the film was made in 2019, what would the world look like by 2040? Gameau travels the world to speak with innovators developing practical solutions to the climate crisis.

Favorite quote

The earth is our collective home that we are actually renting from future generations. So we need to not only rapidly reduce our emissions, but also find ways to sequester or draw down excess carbon dioxide already in the system.

- Damon Gameau

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