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10 Ways to Stay Motivated While Job HuntingBy Aimee Bateman

In a Nutshell

In 10 Ways To Stay Motivated While Job Hunting, Aimee Bateman gives practical tips on how to stay optimistic, keep your morale high, and remain confident while applying for jobs.

Favorite Quote

Gathering information that's specifically about your industry and your job is going to bring a huge amount of knowledge to you. And when we feel knowledgeable, we feel good about ourselves.

Aimee Bateman


While job hunting, it's completely normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

Job hunting can be an exasperating experience that can easily wear away your confidence. But it can be easier with the right plan of action.

In 10 Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Hunting, CareerCake founder and recruitment expert Aimee Bateman shares her experiences and expertise.

Bateman started out making YouTube videos about how to excel in your career. In this course, she delves further into how the right mix of information and inspiration can keep you motivated while job hunting.

The course introduces useful strategies to stay motivated while job hunting, such as setting targets, gratefulness journaling, knowing your value, and the power of being kind to yourself.

You're not alone in your career journey, and if you dream it, you can achieve it.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Planning and setting targets are good but remember to be grateful
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