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Your Gut Is Also a BrainBy Stuff You Should Know, Josh Clark, Chuck Bryant

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In this December 2021 episode of Stuff You Should Know, cohosts John Clark and Chuck Bryant reveal that your gut is smarter than you might realize.

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What we're moving towards now is treating mood disorders, neurological disorders, mental health issues, a whole host of physical maladies, and chronic diseases with probiotics.

Josh Clark


Growing up, your parents probably told you to eat your vegetables to get fiber. What felt like an annoying part of dinnertime back then is actually even more important for our health than our parents knew. In this episode of the Stuff You Should Know podcast, hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant give an overview of current studies on gut bacteria.

Clark and Bryant are both former senior editors of the infotainment website HowStuffWorks, where they bonded over their love of research. This passion led to Stuff You Should Know, a podcast in which Clark and Bryant explain complex topics in a digestible way. In this episode, the hosts explore the connection between gut health, mental health, and disease, discovering that gut bacteria play a vital role in overall health and communicates directly with the brain.

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    Your gut bacteria produce metabolites, which function as neurotransmitters that communicate with your brain
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