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Young Lives: Is Now a Good Time to Be Young?

The Open University, Pam Foley

5 mins

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This course from The Open University examines what it's like to be young in Britain, exploring the economic differences between today's generation and those of the past and how class, gender, and geography affect young people's lives.


Young Lives: Is Now a Good Time to Be Young?

Young Lives: Is Now a Good Time to Be Young?

by The Open University


Young people are vital for the future of humanity. They are responsible for shaping a country's culture and representing our future. Young people have diverse, complicated lives, and their rights, needs, and aspirations should be at the forefront of any society.

Dr. Pam Foley is a senior lecturer at The Open University, specializing in the welfare and development of young people. This course looks at modern statistics in order to examine some of the urgent issues, advantages, and disadvantages facing young people today.

Favorite quote

A lot of people try to shape the future. But it's the young ones who live in it.

- The Open University

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