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You Should Test That!

Chris Goward

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You Should Test That! is a persuading case for data-led conversion rate optimization.


You Should Test That!

You Should Test That!

by Chris Goward


Chris Goward had a career-altering revelation early on in his professional life. He realized that there was no way of knowing if something worked unless it was actually tested. That single discovery became the driving force of his successful career and the reason why he started Widerfunnel, his scientific experimentation-fueled marketing optimization agency.

Through his work with his team at Widerfunnel, Goward developed the LIFT Model Framework to help marketing teams to create consistent results when conducting tests. The approach is based on the need to understand the perspective of the customer, first and foremost. In You Should Test That! Goward explains the rationale behind the LIFT Model Framework. He unravels the reasons why marketing teams need to rely on experimentation to drive conversion rate optimization.

Goward delves deep into the inner workings of the LIFT Model Framework, in the hopes that we might use it as a blueprint to get more revenue-generating actions from our website visitors. By implementing Goward's approach, we can improve our decision-making skills by basing our choices on tried-out methods and experiments.

Favorite quote

To tell you that your website is underperforming is a pretty bold claim because I may have never even seen your website, much less analyzed your performance metrics. Nevertheless, I can confidently tell you exactly that: your website is underperforming its potential.

- Chris Goward

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