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Yearbook is a series of autobiographical essays from actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen, taking a deep dive into some of his most defining and occasionally strange moments – from childhood to Hollywood stardom.




by Seth Rogen


We know Seth Rogen from his raunchy comedies like Superbad and Knocked Up. But before he was a household name, 13-year-old Rogen was performing stand-up in Canadian comedy clubs, drawing material from his grandparents' funny mannerisms.

Now, in a collection of autobiographical essays, the comedian, filmmaker, writer, and entrepreneur provides a sneak peek into his life. Rogen candidly narrates his transition into acting, balancing professional endeavors with the everyday anxieties of being a young adult.

From his first time smoking weed to hilarious celebrity encounters, Yearbook follows the actor's journey from being an awkward teenager to becoming a Hollywood star. With a mix of humor and vulnerability, these anecdotes take you inside Rogen's mind to share his wonderfully weird life experience.

Favorite quote

They say never meet your heroes. I say meet them, just be ready for them not to invite you onto their spaceship.

- Seth Rogen

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