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Writing for Young AdultsBy Malorie Blackman

In a Nutshell

This BBC Maestro Course by former children's laureate and bestselling author Malorie Blackman explains how to go about planning, writing, and promoting young-adult books.

Favorite Quote

I write for the simple reason that I need to write… Stories are my way of making sense of the world.

Malorie Blackman


They say everyone has a novel in them — and yours might be for young adults.

From planning the story and developing the characters to writing a draft and finding a publisher, becoming an author can be a wild journey.

Despite the huge challenges, it is possible to find success as an author. You'll inspire a love of reading in others and create a rewarding and enjoyable career for yourself.

This BBC Maestro course is led by the bestselling young-adult author Malorie Blackman.

Particularly well-known for her Noughts & Crosses series, Blackman has written more than 70 books during her 30-year career. She has covered a range of genres and themes to capture the imagination of young readers.

Blackman provides tips, tricks, and warnings for planning a book, developing characters, and honing your craft until you have a bulletproof manuscript.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Make a detailed plan before you begin writing a book
  2. 2.
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