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Writing a Cover Letter

Jenny Foss

5 mins

3 key insights

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This course from LinkedIn Learning will show you how to write the right cover letter to reach and convince the decision-makers in the company you want to be a part of, and land yourself an interview.


Writing a Cover Letter

Writing a Cover Letter

by Jenny Foss


While applying for a job, you might often wonder whether employers actually read the cover letter you've spent hours on. But the truth is that a cover letter is the ultimate way to express yourself - both as a potential candidate for a role and as a passionate member of the company.

Jenny Foss is the blogger behind who's spent years writing cover letters and resumes that actually land her clients the job interviews they want. In this course, Foss shows us how to write an exceptional cover letter, walking us through all the essential elements needed to craft the best self-expression of your skills, experience, and interests.

Favorite quote

The cover letter isn't dead. And if you think so, it may be that you're doing it wrong.

- Jenny Foss

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