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Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get it Done

Jennie Nash

5 mins

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From character development to story structure and coming up with the closing scene, book coach Jennie Nash shares insights on finishing and publishing a book.


Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get it Done

Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get it Done

by Jennie Nash


Writing a book is a notoriously difficult process. Most encounter writer's block before they've even started. Regardless of how experienced you are and how many books you've written and published in the past, each story brings new challenges that can easily make you want to quit.

Jennie Nash is an experienced author, teacher, and book coach. She's spent years working as an editor for renowned publications and has published seven books. In Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get It Done, Nash details time-effective methods and techniques for developing mesmerizing stories.

Favorite quote

You're making the mistake of thinking that creativity happens in the same way as the consuming of that story, that the development of it happens in that same linear way. It doesn't. Writing is very iterative; it's very circular.

- Jennie Nash

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