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Book Hack
Worn: A People's History of ClothingBy Sofi Thanhauser

In a Nutshell

Artist and writer Sofi Thanhauser takes us through the history of the textile industry and garment manufacturing, from handwoven linen to mass-produced fast fashion.

Favorite Quote

A shirt may say 'Wisconsin' while its tag reads 'Made in India', but the real political story lies in its polycotton blend. To read objects carefully and accurately is to read the world itself: its systems and its systems-level failures.

Sofi Thanhauser


Clothing can be a source of creativity and individuality for some and a synonym for consumerism for others.

The history of clothing is much older than the fashion industry. Textiles and garments have always profoundly influenced our society, from migrations, political alliances, and labor laws, to pop culture and leisure time.

Sofi Thanhauser is a Brooklyn-based artist and author who writes for media such as Vox, The Observer, and The Guardian.

In Worn: A People's History of Clothing, Thanhauser explores the stories of linen, cotton, silk, wool, and synthetics, uncovering how clothing has shaped our history and changed landscapes across the globe.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    The pre-industrial production of clothing depended on women for cheap labor
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