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Working IdentityBy Herminia Ibarra

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This results-based book offers a breakthrough model of practical advice for career reinvention that challenges traditional ideas around how we can change our lives.

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One of the reasons it is so hard to change careers - or why we change, only to end up in the same boat - is that we so fully internalize our institutional identities, relying on them to convey our worth and accomplishments to the outside world.

Herminia Ibarra


Many of us have at one point dreamed of changing our careers, and found ourselves hopelessly confused about which direction to take. Afraid of making the wrong decision or uncertain where to go, we stay where we are and live inside a fantasy, never acting on the possibilities of our potential and capacity for reinvention.

Now, in this compelling book aimed at mid-career professionals, Herminia Ibarra offers a set of practical and innovative guidelines for implementing effective career and life transitions. As a professor of organizational behavior at London Business School and a bestselling author named one of the world's top 50 management thinkers, Ibarra has a wealth of knowledge about successful career strategies.

Working Identity draws on the latest psychological and behavioral research as well as real-world case studies to outline a set of approaches we can apply to our career decisions.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Our identity is more than our career, and we must update the stories we tell about ourselves
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