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Working Hard, Hardly Working

Grace Beverley

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In this riveting plea for work-life balance, entrepreneur Grace Beverley directs us away from a toxic work culture and leads us towards a fulfilling, more productive way of life.


Working Hard, Hardly Working

Working Hard, Hardly Working

by Grace Beverley


Like many Gen Zers and millennials, Grace Beverely fell hard for hustle culture. Hustle culture celebrates unrealistic and often unattainable levels of work and achievement. This cultural movement is backed up by many influencers on social media.

Although Beverley built TALA and Shreddy - two wildly successful direct-to-consumer fitness brands - and made it to the illustrious Forbes 30 under 30 list, she now understands that these values are unproductive in the long run. Through this book, she guides us along her path towards health and fulfillment.

Her message is simple: we can achieve more by finding the time to do nothing. With over a million followers on Instagram, Beverley certainly knows how to keep things exciting, even when it's an urgent call to self-care backed by carefully researched facts.

Favorite quote

I never feel the same two days in a row, but the reality of work is that sometimes you need to get the f*ck on and do something, and sometimes you need to convince yourself that relaxation is the most productive thing you can do.

- Grace Beverley

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