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Working as a Contract or Temporary Employee

Barbara Bruno

5 mins

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This course offers practical ways of using personal resources, professional credentials, and experience to achieve the best possible success and contentment as a temporary employee.


Working as a Contract or Temporary Employee

Working as a Contract or Temporary Employee

by Barbara Bruno


Today's job market is constantly evolving and offers plenty of untraditional work opportunities with various flexible working arrangements. By using momentum and finding the best way to balance qualifications, expectations, and achievements, you can build a career as a contract or temporary employee.

Barbara Bruno is an international speaker and author of several books on HR and recruiting. In this course, Bruno reveals a comprehensive approach to the time-limited method of employment based on her experience and understanding of both sides of the hiring process.

Favorite quote

Without a bigger picture in mind, it's easy to find yourself living day-to-day and simply going with the flow ... If you don't set personal goals, career goals, and take control of your life, someone else will.

- Barbara Bruno

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