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Words Can Change Your Brain

Andrew Newberg

5 mins

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Words Can Change Your Brain is the ultimate guide to becoming an expert communicator, teaching you how to express yourself better, listen more, and create an environment of trust with anyone you speak with.


Words Can Change Your Brain

Words Can Change Your Brain

by Andrew Newberg


You might think that spending a lot of time with others means you're good at communicating. In reality, we can all learn a lesson or two about getting our points across to others more efficiently. Whether at work, school, or home, you always need to have conversations. And it pays to learn how to do it right.

In Words Can Change Your Brain, neuroscientist Andrew Newberg teaches several tips for improving your communication skills, including calming your mind, keeping a positive attitude, paying attention to facial expressions, and the power of a compliment.

Favorite quote

Choose your words wisely, because they will influence your happiness, your relationships, and your personal wealth.

- Andrew Newberg

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