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Women Transforming Tech

Syamla Bandla

5 mins

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Facebook Director of Product Engineering Syamla Bandla shares some wisdom based on her personal experience of building a personal brand in tech.


Women Transforming Tech

Women Transforming Tech

by Syamla Bandla


Besides being Facebook's Director of Product Engineering, Syamla Bandla sits on a number of boards, such as AutonomIQ, CloudNOW, and the Forbes Technology Council. It's no surprise that the tech sector values Bandla's expertise, given her 20-plus years of experience building, scaling, and transforming high-performance operations and engineering teams in the US, Europe, and Asia.

In this course, the instructor shares her experiences as a woman in tech and how she built her brand. With insightful and inspiring stories, Bandla highlights how it's possible to succeed even as an introvert. In less than 15 minutes you'll get a clear understanding of the role mentors, networks and social media play in developing a personal brand.

Favorite quote

Be comfortable to be uncomfortable.

- Syamla Bandla

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