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Women In CryptoBy Susan Banhegyi

In a Nutshell

Crypto coach, mentor, and serial entrepreneur Susan Banhegyi lets us in on how she got involved in cryptocurrency and how more women can grow their wealth with this new technology.

Favorite Quote

The fastest-growing sector of homelessness is women over 55! These are women who have raised children, supported husbands, had homes and careers ... how could this happen on our watch? In part, because we don't teach or learn enough about personal finances ...

Susan Banhegyi


'Crypto bros' often get all the press when we talk about cryptocurrencies, but an increasing number of women are getting involved.

Crypto enthusiast, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Crypto Women Global Susan Banhegyi is one such woman, and she has made it her mission to encourage more women into the crypto scene.

As a fairly early adopter, Banhegyi saw big gains, then huge losses in the first crypto winter in 2018. Despite some predictions, cryptocurrencies have only become more popular.

In Women in Crypto, Banhegyi tells the story of how she got involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, why she's so enthusiastic about them, and why more women can – and should – learn more about them.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Women have to take their finances into their own hands
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