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Winning the War in Your Mind

Craig Groeschel

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This book offers practical strategies from a Christian perspective on letting go of negative thoughts and embracing the truth behind God's teachings.


Winning the War in Your Mind

Winning the War in Your Mind

by Craig Groeschel


Bad habits can make you feel trapped in an endless cycle of guilt and relapses. Breaking out of your rut may feel impossible when you don't know where to look. Pastor and author Craig Groeschel co-founded Life.Church with his wife in 1996 to help more people connect with the word of Jesus Christ.

Life.Church has become known for its digital presence nationwide, hosting weekly interactive workshops and sermons. In this 2021 book, Groeschel aims to help readers combat negative thinking through faith and prayer. Divided into four principles, Groeschel's workbook utilizes excerpts from the Bible along with real-life examples to help put its lessons into practice.

Each of Winning the War in Your Mind's chapters has a list of questions to help readers apply its principles to their own lives through strategic thinking.

Favorite quote

The key to winning the war in our mind comes down to identifying the harmful thoughts, connecting them to the false beliefs and lies of the enemy we've accepted, and replacing them with the truth of God's Word.

- Craig Groeschel

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