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Why Move Towards Cleaner Power

Jo Haigh, Kris Murray, Shane Tomlinson, Imperial College London

5 mins

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In this course, experts from the Imperial College London and E3G explain the benefits and challenges of shifting to clean power sources and why we need energy policy changes — fast.


Why Move Towards Cleaner Power

Why Move Towards Cleaner Power

by Jo Haigh


Energy alternatives to fossil fuels are on the rise, but what makes low-carbon power so important? Global energy supply is a complex and evolving issue that affects everyone from governments to individual consumers.

In this edX course, experts from Imperial College London and climate change think tank E3G explain the history and future of global energy. The course outlines why fossil fuels are harmful to human health and the environment and how cleaner power can mitigate this damage. Experts explore how politics affect international energy policy and what we need to accomplish as a global society to transition to clean power.

Favorite quote

The time to expand clean power is now. It is cheaper, healthier, and critical to stopping climate change.

- Imperial College London and E3G

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