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Why Are We Yelling?

Buster Benson

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Why Are We Yelling? will improve your relationships, professional life, and the way you view the world by showing you that arguments aren't bad, but important growing experiences if we learn to make them productive.


Why Are We Yelling?

Why Are We Yelling?

by Buster Benson


Do you remember the last fight with your spouse or someone on the internet? It's probably not a pleasant memory. But what if you could disagree without being disagreeable? What if arguments could be productive?

Whenever we don't like what someone does or the way they think, it's a signal that something we care about is at stake, and we shouldn't ignore that. The problem lies in the way we react to these situations. Discovering how to respond positively to opposing views will open up a world of possibilities to improve your life.

That's exactly what Buster Benson's Why Are We Yelling?: The Art of Productive Disagreement will teach you. His tips will help you discover how to debate productively. After reading this you're going to find that you feel less irritation when someone opposes you, which will help your relationships and world expand and improve.

Get ready for a few ways to have more intelligent views about the world! Let's go!

Favorite quote

A relationship without conflict is a relationship without communication and is bound to fail.


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