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Where Will Man Take Us?

Atul Jalan

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This future-oriented book examines how technology will not merely assist humans but also radically change how humanity itself is defined.


Where Will Man Take Us?

Where Will Man Take Us?

by Atul Jalan


Technology has become so advanced that we can merge it with our very biology. Advances like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and genetics will impact our society to such a degree that we could enter a new stage of evolution. Just as the wheel, the steam engine, electricity, the telephone, and Google have reinvented how we exist as humans, another massive transition is on the way.

Atul Jalan is the CEO of artificial intelligence company Algonomy and a storyteller who explores the future of technology. In this 2019 book, Jalan takes a look at how ongoing major technological innovations will create drastic changes for the future of humanity.

Favorite quote

We always overestimate the benefits of technology in the short term and underestimate its power of transformative change in the long term.

- Atul Jalan

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