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When to Rob a Bank

Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner

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When To Rob A Bank is a collection of the best of the Freakonomics authors' blog posts from over 10 years of blogging about economics in all areas of our life.


When to Rob a Bank

When to Rob a Bank

by Steven D. Levitt


Yes! The Dubner & Levitt duo is back. In 2015, the author duo who rose to world-fame over ten years ago with Freakonomics came out with their most recent book When To Rob A Bank. It's a collection of their very best blog posts, reader submissions and other fun bits they've amassed over the past decade.

It views the most diverse everyday situations through the lens of an economist, like most of their work, and shows you where and why common sense does not make sense. We hope you're comfortable getting uncomfortable, because it's about to get revealing! Masters of economics, show us what you got!

Favorite quote

Most of us have a lot more experience being consumers than producers, so we tend to view things through the lens of demand rather than supply.


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