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What's the T?

Juno Dawson

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In this informative, accessible guide for young teenagers and their guardians, author and activist Juno Dawson draws on her experience as a trans woman to explore different gender identities and what it is like to be transgender in modern society.


What's the T?

What's the T?

by Juno Dawson


In recent years, transgender people have appeared frequently in the news, but these discussions on gender identity and expression are often full of misinformation and fear-mongering. For those with genuine questions on what it means to be transgender, it can be hard to find reliable sources of information.

In this accessible introduction to transgender identities, author and activist Juno Dawson uses her own lived experiences as a trans woman as a guide and counterpoint to media misinformation. What's the T? covers transgender history through time, the labels used to describe different gender identities, the gender binary, and everything in between. Through her interviews with other transgender people – famous or not – Dawson shows that it is possible for trans youth and adults to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Favorite quote

Every day, people identify as all sorts of things that have no relation to their biology .... There is nothing more important than being free to identify however one feels. It is the very basis of human rights.

- Juno Dawson

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