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What Is Web3?

Babbage, The Economist, Kenneth Cukier

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In this February 2022 episode of The Economist's science and technology podcast, Babbage, Kenneth Cukier discusses the latest Silicon Valley buzzword: Web3. With an array of guests, he breaks down its meaning, origins, and potential.


What Is Web3?

What Is Web3?

by Babbage


The internet is integral to our modern lives, and at the center of the internet are Big Tech: Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft. Web3 is the buzzword of the moment in Silicon Valley, but is it the answer to pushing back against big data and centralization?

Babbage is a science and technology podcast by The Economist, named for the grandfather of computing, Charles Babbage. The podcast is hosted by author and journalist Kenneth Cukier, who is joined by a rotating cast of technology correspondents to discuss the latest innovations. This episode from February 2022 focuses on Web3: what it is, why people want it, its downfalls, and how it could affect our online future.

Favorite quote

It is still early in the development of Web3 and, like all nascent technologies, it will shapeshift to meet user needs and unconsidered constraints. We often only understand revolutions in the rearview mirror, not the windshield.

- Kenneth Cukier

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