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What is Climate Change?By Joseph Casola, University of Colorado Boulder

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This Coursera course from the University of Colorado Boulder is a detailed introduction to the science and sociology of climate change.

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Climate change is real. Scientists agree that human activities are causing the climate to change. Warming will continue in the 21st century, and the amount of warming will be determined by our emissions of greenhouse gases.

Joseph Casola


'There Is No Planet B.' 'System Change Not Climate Change.' 'No Jobs On a Dead Planet.' 'Strike For Climate.' If you watch the news, you might recognize these popular slogans from climate change protests. But what are the facts behind the climate change worry? For those feeling left behind, this University of Colorado Boulder course offers a straightforward way to catch up.

As a doctor in atmospheric sciences, Joseph Casola has worked on climate-related science and policy for 20 years. Casola has become a specialist in conveying the science and consequences of global warming and climate change to policymakers, resource managers, and business leaders.

Casola's experience in the climate science and policy arenas is reflected in this course, which combines the scientific details of climate change with its causes, followed by an exploration of ways to discuss it with others.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Increasing levels of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere are creating climate change
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