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What Everyone Needs to Know about Tax By James Hannam

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Who knew tax could be so interesting? Tax advisor James Hannam uses psychology, politics, and common sense to cut through the complexities of the UK tax system.

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Since we all hate paying taxes, the government has perfected the art of ensuring that we rarely have to hand over the money ourselves.

James Hannam


Tax; it's complicated and boring, right?

But the UK tax system provides a fascinating case study of how governments leverage human psychology to maximize tax revenue with minimal complaints from the public.

James Hannam is a writer, tax advisor, and historian of science who has worked for Barclays Bank, Freshfields, and EY.

Hannam's book, What Everyone Needs to Know about Tax, does what it says on the tin, providing an engrossing introduction to the UK tax system.

The book is aimed not at helping readers pay less tax, but rather at educating them, as citizens and voters, on how their society works.

Hannam covers the myriad ways in which UK citizens are taxed, the bizarre quirks of the system and why they exist, the difficulties of improving it, and the three 'golden rules' of how governments impose tax.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Taxing high earners is a fine balance
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