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What Drives the Body?

University of Aberdeen, Dr. Alison Richmond

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In this course from the University of Aberdeen, explore how the body uses energy to power itself, keeps its systems in balance, and fights off harmful invaders.


What Drives the Body?

What Drives the Body?

by University of Aberdeen


On a scale too small for us to see, our bodies swarm with activity. Our cells constantly respire to produce the energy we need, hormones course through our blood delivering messages and keeping our systems in balance, while war rages between our immune system and its microscopic enemies.

Dr. Alison Richmond and Dr. Elizabeth Hay are researchers at the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, which has produced this Futurelearn course on how the body works. Alongside their colleagues, Richmond and Hay go in-depth into topics including the body's energy usage, the immune system, and how our systems keep themselves in balance through homeostasis.

Favorite quote

The human body is continually at work. We may feel like we are at rest at times, but on a cellular level we never stop.

- Dr. Alison Richmond and Dr. Elizabeth Hay

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