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What Artists Wear

Charlie Porter

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A fluid investigation into the way artists have used clothing as a means of self-expression and a force for social critique.


What Artists Wear

What Artists Wear

by Charlie Porter


For most of us, putting on clothes every day is an ordinary, functional act. According to Charlie Porter, that's precisely the problem.

Described as one of the world's most influential fashion journalists, Porter was a juror for the Turner Prize in 2019. In this book, the critic and art curator notes that most of us don't realize the power of what we wear. It is artists – who spend their professional lives engaged in the art of visual expression – that we must turn to in order to rediscover the power of clothing to transform both ourselves and the world around us.

Favorite quote

Repeatedly, we've met artists whose clothing runs counter to the norm. These artists subvert, rework or reject what is expected of them. By their example, we should account for ourselves: why are we so constricted, both in what we wear, and in our ideas?

- Charlie Porter

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