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What a Time to Be Alone

Chidera Eggerue

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Writer and influencer Chidera Eggerue, aka The Slumflower, provides a guidebook on taking responsibility for your own life and emotional stability through self-love.


What a Time to Be Alone

What a Time to Be Alone

by Chidera Eggerue


We can all have feelings of inadequacy, especially when single. We see others get their dream jobs and find amazing partners while we feel stuck and alone. Chidera Eggerue is here to tell you that you are already enough, and being alone is the best thing that's ever happened to you. The solution isn't to replicate the journeys of those around you, but to find your own purpose and break down the emotional barriers that are stopping you from loving yourself.

Chidera Eggerue is a bestselling author and influencer under the moniker 'The Slumflower.' In her bestselling book What a Time to be Alone, Eggerue offers insightful guidance on how to love yourself and unlock your limitless potential.

Favorite quote

People can run away from us when they discover the dark past that has shaped the beautiful light that attracted them to us in the first place.

- Chidera Eggerue

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