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Welcome to Your World

Sarah Williams Goldhagen

5 mins

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Welcome to Your World is an incredible glimpse into how the built environment affects our brains, moods, and mental and physical health.


Welcome to Your World

Welcome to Your World

by Sarah Williams Goldhagen


We live, work, and play in constructed spaces. Houses, cities, offices, factories, and parks have the ability to humble us with their beauty, scale, shape, colors, and textures, or to make us feel ill-at-ease, depressed, or anxious.

Although we know that we experience awe or delight when we look at the architecture that inspires us, we are only just discovering how deeply that sensation affects us. When we're in an unpleasant building, we notice, but researchers are realizing how seriously that environment subconsciously messes with our ability to think, learn, and be happy.

Architecture critic and professor Sarah Williams Goldhagen is on a crusade to make the world we build a better place; not just prettier, but healthier, both mentally and physically. Williams Goldhagen takes a deep dive into the latest cognitive neuroscience research to illuminate exactly how our brains respond to the environment around us, even when we're not aware of it.

Favorite quote

Our relationship to the built environment differs from that of any other art. It affects us all the time, not only when we choose to pay attention to it … It profoundly shapes the narratives we tell ourselves and construct out of our daily lives.

- Sarah Williams Goldhagen

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