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Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time

Dr. John Jaquish, Henry Alkire

5 mins

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The creators of the X3 bodybuilding method explain how and why their invention works to yield results far better than what's possible with free weights and cardio.


Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time

Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time

by Dr. John Jaquish


Computers from 40 years ago are almost unrecognizable today, but fitness equipment? Not so much. While technology is ever-evolving, our workout techniques have been similar for decades. Dr. John Jaquish and Henry Alkire are looking to change that.

Jaquish inherited the problem-solving gene from his father, who helped design the Lunar Rover and held over 300 patents in his career. Jaquish's research into bone density led him to study gymnasts and appreciate the effect of high-impact, low-frequency exercise on both bones and muscle. Aeronautics student Alkire joined Jaquish at 18, and their research into variable resistance led directly to the X3 method.

Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time covers biomechanical and nutritional science to look at how we can change what we know about fitness and get better results.

Favorite quote

Fitness may well be humanity's most failed endeavor.

- Dr. John Jaquish and Henry Alkire

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