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Web Of Deceit

Mark Curtis

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A strident critique of British Foreign Policy post-World War II, discussing how Britain has contributed to increasing global inequality and injustice.


Web Of Deceit

Web Of Deceit

by Mark Curtis


Britain has always showed its commitment to preventing wars, war crimes, and humanitarian crises; but it also paradoxically supports unjustifiable invasions, plans coups to overthrow democracies, and sells arms to repressive states.

British historian and journalist Mark Curtis argues that the colonial past of Britain manifests itself today in the form of its dual foreign policy. Curtis is the co-founder and editor of the media organization Declassified UK and has written several books on British Foreign Policy post World War II such as Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam and Unpeople: Britain's Secret Human Rights Abuses.

In Web of Deceit, Curtis criticizes British foreign policy for participating in U.S.-led acts of aggression on foreign nations and for its blind support for American policies on China, Israel, and Iran.

Favorite quote

For any government committed to promoting the highest ethical standards in its foreign policy, violating international law would surely be an ultimate sin. Under New Labour, however, violating international law has become as British as afternoon tea.

- Mark Curtis

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