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We Need to Talk About Money

Otegha Uwagba

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Otegha Uwagba details the intersecting strands of classism, sexism, and racism she experienced while climbing the corporate ladder, sharing what she learned about wealth along the way.


We Need to Talk About Money

We Need to Talk About Money

by Otegha Uwagba


When Otegha Uwagba graduated from Oxford University and entered the working world, she had big goals. But Uwagba's goals were, it would turn out, idealistic; over the following years, she learned that hard work did not equal progression for everyone.

In We Need to Talk About Money, Uwagba dissects her relationship with money since childhood and how it steered her career path. Now a full-time author and founder of the multimedia platform for creative women, Women Who, Uwagba reflects on her time in a nine-to-five office environment.

The author recalls the deeply entrenched classism, sexism, and racism that made her disillusioned with corporate culture, frankly discussing the discrimination no one warned her of so others can be better prepared. Uwagba's blend of social commentary and memoir shows the working world in a new light and is an invaluable tool for anyone about to step onto the career ladder.

Favorite quote

By the time I left school, I'd formed two key conclusions about how my adult years would play out: that I'd necessarily grow up to make lots of money, and that climbing the career ladder as a woman would be a breeze. Suffice to say, I was wrong.

- Otegha Uwagba

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