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Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling

Jordan Belfort

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In this engaging book, the original 'Wolf of Wall Street' takes us through his foolproof method for turning practically anyone into a top-performing sales person.


Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling

Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling

by Jordan Belfort


Jordan Belfort was the real deal, the ultimate salesman with the lifestyle to match – until, in his own words, he got 'wiped out' and ended up in jail. Now the master salesman is back with an evolved version of the system that made his fortune – and he's ready to help others make theirs.

Belfort describes himself as a victim of the pace of his own success, lacking the time to develop the character to handle it. In The Way of the Wolf, the man made infamous by Leonardo Di Caprio in Martin Scorcese's film Wolf of Wall Street takes us back to his business roots, and forward into his new, improved 'Straight Line System' for sales success.

Belfort describes his unique gift for turning anyone into a sales wizard in record time as his 'superpower'. In this book you'll learn exactly how to structure your pitch, which precise tone to take at what points, and how to 'loop back' after an objection.

Favorite quote

I guess it's fair to say that this book is basically a universal safecracker's manual for the human mind.

- Jordan Belfort

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