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Watch the Sound: Synthesizers

Mark Ronson

5 mins

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Synthesizers ushered in a pop revolution in music and music-making. Acclaimed producer Mark Ronson sits down with notable artists from the past four decades to discuss synthetic sounds and their origins.


Watch the Sound: Synthesizers

Watch the Sound: Synthesizers

by Mark Ronson


Get a sense of the soundtrack to the space age in Watch the Sound With Mark Ronson's episode on synthesizers.

In this series, acclaimed producer and music industry veteran Ronson sits down with musical legends such as Kevin Parker and Gary Numan as they dig into their best-kept industry secrets and unearth the slow yet overpowering growth of electronic music.

Anyone stepping into the series can expect to find surprising revelations about the organic process of synthesizer music-making as well as the social implications of the democratization of electronic music and art forms.

Favorite quote

You can create an alternate world for each song, it's the ultimate surrealist instrument … It was obvious something magical and new was happening in music and it was never going back the other way.

- Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran

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