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Watch the Sound: Distortion

Mark Ronson

5 mins

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Mark Ronson sits down with some of the legends of audio distortion, from Living Colour to the Beastie Boys, to discuss what might be the most aggressive sound in history.


Watch the Sound: Distortion

Watch the Sound: Distortion

by Mark Ronson


Distortion has gripped the ears of audiences for decades, demanding the attention of listeners and infuriating parents the world over. The ability to instantly create an in-your-face aesthetic has taken over entire genres from metal to hip hop, and even pop music.

Mark Ronson is a renowned DJ, producer, and record executive known for his hit song 'Uptown Funk.' In this documentary series from Apple TV, the Grammy Award-winner examines how key innovations in technology have shaped the world of music.

This episode explores how the use – and perhaps the overuse – of distortion has contributed to our understanding of music today. With guests like Dave Grohl and Santigold, Ronson strives to uncover the meaning behind the noise.

Favorite quote

I didn't need words, I just needed the sounds.

- Dave Grohl, Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman

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