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Video Marketing For Personal and Brand Pages

Goldie Chan

5 mins

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In LinkedIn Video Marketing for Personal and Brand Pages, leading video content creator Goldie Chan reveals how to merge video promotion and LinkedIn together to entice new clientele, increasing your brand exposure and recognition.


Video Marketing For Personal and Brand Pages

Video Marketing For Personal and Brand Pages

by Goldie Chan


Did you know that over one million minutes of video are shared every second? That's a whole lot of new video posted even since you opened this Uptime hack. Nowadays, over 80% of all content consumed online is video content. So of you want to boost your brand's audience and discoverability, then you should absolutely be incorporating video into your marketing strategy.

Goldie Chan is LinkedIn's highest video creator, who uses this course to share her most precious tips and tricks. With roughly 2 million views on her content alone, Chan is more than qualified to reveal her secrets. Chan believes that posting on LinkedIn generates a highly captivated audience in comparison to Instagram or YouTube, with there being a 75% increase in engagement.

Discover why videos are an important form of branding, where to get inspiration from, and how to select the most appropriate hashtags and titles for your videos. If you want to learn the secrets to powerful, results-driven branding and content marketing, then this course is perfect for you.

Favorite quote

Videos uploaded natively onto LinkedIn show an even higher amount of engagement and even higher percentage of engagement. You can capture more of your amazing consumers, customers, and super fans.

- Goldie Chan

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