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Vain Glorious

Jeremy Langmead

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Vain Glorious is the clueless man's guide to unraveling his unique beauty and aging gracefully.


Vain Glorious

Vain Glorious

by Jeremy Langmead


Men's beauty is somewhat of a taboo in modern western culture. Many people seem to be accepting of women investing in their looks, but aside from the gym and some healthy eating, men are mostly clueless about looking and feeling their most attractive.

The first part of this book is written by former editor of Esquire magazine and fashion and grooming guru Jeremy Langmead. Part two is authored by Dr. David Jack, renowned aesthetic surgeon and luxury vegan skincare creator.

Vain Glorious is a men's beauty bible split into two insightful parts, each author drawing from their unique expertise and personal experience in refining one's appearance.

Favorite quote

A new nose ... is not going to transform your life, but, perhaps, it will make you feel a little bit better about yourself. And if so, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

- Jeremy Langmead

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