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Unstoppable: Inner Power for Entrepreneurs

Daniel DiPiazza

5 mins

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This course illuminates the type of mindset that's behind the best entrepreneurial feats, by focusing on the concept of personal power.


Unstoppable: Inner Power for Entrepreneurs

Unstoppable: Inner Power for Entrepreneurs

by Daniel DiPiazza


Have you ever thought about how your job keeps you down, as if your potential isn't actualized and even recognized? Do you feel like you're stagnating, in a world that offers innumerable opportunities to anyone who dares to strive for more?

Daniel DiPiazza went a long way from being just an ordinary guy who worked regular jobs to becoming a successful entrepreneur and writer of best-seller Rich 20Something, as well as a founder of AlphaMentoring, which helps rising entrepreneurs find new opportunities and increase their profits. In 2011, DiPiazza decided to take a great leap forward and started working independently as a marketing and copywriting consultant. Although his earnings plateaued at first, the entrepreneur created a system that made his incomes skyrocket once again. The best thing is, the system can work for others too.

Unstoppable is everything you need to know about the power of entrepreneurship, told through an incredibly captivating personal story filled with ups and downs. This course shows us how power sometimes hides so deep within us that we're not even aware it exists.

Favorite quote

Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.

- Lao Tsu, Chinese philosopher

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