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Unshakeable distills the essence of world-class investors down into four core principles you should follow while investing, giving you simple rules and actionable steps to follow to make sure your finances flourish.




by Tony Robbins


Financial freedom is a goal we secretly all strive for. But only a small percentage of people will actually reach it. You need to be able to live on 4% of your wealth annually so it doesn't diminish. Spend $80k a year? You'll need to have $2 million in the bank. Even if you're super frugal and save 50% of your income, it'll take you 17-20 years to get there – and that's before you even know where to put the money to actually grow it!

Luckily, Tony Robbins can help. His last book sold over a million copies in the first year of its publication. He dedicated two years to interviewing 50 of the world's best investors to come up with it.

Now, he's distilled those lessons even further to make them better, simpler, faster, and easier to understand. The result is Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook.

Favorite quote

If you overpay by 1% a year, it will cost you 10 years' worth of retirement income.

- Tony Robbins

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