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Unfu*k Your Relationships

Gary John Bishop

5 mins

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In Unfu*k Your Relationships, world-class personal development coach Gary John Bishop will open your mind to the various ways that you can build a deeper connection, not only with others but with yourself.


Unfu*k Your Relationships

Unfu*k Your Relationships

by Gary John Bishop


Giving and receiving relationship advice has become easier since the arrival of technology. Much of today's dating has moved onto apps, and the majority of flirting is done online via texts and emojis, rather than in-person dates. If you feel stuck and need advice, you turn to Facebook and scroll through other people's posts for advice to validate if what you've been thinking all along is in fact right.

Social media is a powerful channel for starting a relationship, and for giving you insight into others'. It can even influence the way you view the relationship you had with your parents. Because it's easier to share experiences with other people your age, you compare how well or badly your parents treated you. This easy access to other people's lives has affected the impact that lots of books on relationships are having. Why buy one book when you can read ten forums online for free?

Unfu*k Your Relationships is a course by Gary John Bishop, a world-renowned personality development coach, where he shares his expertise on how you can address the issues that prevent you from forming great relationships with other people. But one thing that Bishop always returns to is the importance of being true to yourself and honest with others.

Favorite quote

We don't think too deeply about our own performance in relationships because, in our mind, all the little quirks and upsets in anger and outbursts are all, in one way or another, just a fight.

- Gary John Bishop

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