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Unf*ck Your Brain

Faith Harper

5 mins

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Renowned therapist Faith Harper reveals her proven techniques for relaxing and controlling your own mind and emotions.


Unf*ck Your Brain

Unf*ck Your Brain

by Faith Harper


If the human brain is like a complex computer, feelings like depressions and irritability are like intermittent viruses and bugs in the code. The good news is that with some simple tricks and a committed mindset, your brain can be debugged.

Faith Harper is a clinical therapist with decades of experience and a bestselling author of psychology books like the Unf*ck series, focusing on self-improvement and happiness. Unf*ck Your Brain is a book for those who might struggle with social anxiety, depression, or who just want to feel mentally stronger.

Favorite quote

Take my suggestions for only what they are; suggestions. Use anything that works for you and dump the rest.

- Faith Harper

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