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Understanding Your Brain's Logic and Function

Huberman Lab, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. David Berson

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In this December 2021 episode of the Huberman Lab podcast, Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. David Berson tackle the nervous system, from how our senses process external stimuli to the wiring behind our ingrained reflexes and responses.


Understanding Your Brain's Logic and Function

Understanding Your Brain's Logic and Function

by Huberman Lab


Our nervous system informs how we interpret the world and every action we perform in response to our surroundings. Huberman Lab, a podcast hosted by Stanford neurobiology and ophthalmology professor Dr. Andrew Huberman, covers all things neuroscientific with the help of esteemed guests.

In this episode from December 2021, Dr. Huberman is joined by Dr. David Berson, professor of medical science at Brown University and a specialist in the connection between the eye and the brain. Berson's groundbreaking recordings of retinal ganglion cells blazed a trail into research that uncovered a third class of mammalian photoreceptors.

Dr. Huberman and Dr. Berson take a journey along our neural pathways, from the external stimuli that meet the periphery of our nervous system to the neural circuits that process them, and how these vast, intricate circuits interact.

Favorite quote

To know that the form is … the function, that the architecture of the connectivity is how the computation happens in the brain … even though we don't fully understand that in most contexts, gives me great joy.

- Dr. David Berson

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