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Understanding Politics

The University of Kent, Chris Henry

5 mins

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This course from the University of Kent offers a comprehensive overview of political theory, philosophy, and terminology from the ancient world to the present day.


Understanding Politics

Understanding Politics

by The University of Kent


For many people, 'politics' is a dirty word, calling to mind lies and sleazy deals. But what actually is politics, and why does it seem impossible to get away from it?

Chris Henry is a professor of politics, philosophy, and sociology at the University of Kent. In this course presented through FutureLearn, Henry walks us through the fundamentals of political terminology, theory, and history. From Plato's Republic to Francis Fukuyama's 'End of History,' this comprehensive introduction to politics will help you understand how to think about the ideas and processes that shape our social world.

Favorite quote

Hopefully it is clear by now that the definition of politics cannot be given simply, because it depends fundamentally upon what it is that we want to get out of politics.

- Chris Henry

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