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Underground, overground

Andrew Martin

5 mins

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Andrew Martin mixes reportage and personal anecdotes in this social history of the London Underground, taking us on a journey through the Tube from its beginnings until the present day.


Underground, overground

Underground, overground

by Andrew Martin


The London Underground is the oldest underground passenger railway system in the world. As the backbone of transport in the British capital, the Underground is an extensive, varied, and lively space where people from all different walks of life collide. But what is the story behind the Tube? Who are the people who dedicated themselves to creating the Underground? How has it become so iconic?

In Underground, Overground, Andrew Martin delves into the history of the people who dreamed up, designed, and built the Tube. Martin reflects on the personal significance of the London Underground and what it means to the city it serves.

Favorite quote

That was the Underground of my boyhood: a marvel of engineering but also a dream space, in which people of all classes and races would float past you, in the strange buoyancy of a passing carriage.

- Andrew Martins

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