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Unconscious Bias

Stacey Gordon

5 mins

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Learn how to make rational, objective decisions, as Stacey Gordon shares how to acknowledge our unconscious biases, understand the repercussions, and successfully combat prejudice.


Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

by Stacey Gordon


Making calls based on a biased viewpoint plays havoc with our decision-making process. Bias stops us from making logical decisions and can cause significant damage to our career and life further down the line. We're often so blinded by prejudice that we fail to recognize our own biased beliefs, attitudes, and conduct.

Stacey Gordon is a human capital and diversity consultant who has spent years working in top companies and non-profit organizations to promote diversity and inclusion. In this course, Gordon brings light to the subject of unconscious bias, showing how to address inequality and lack of diversity in the workplace.

Favorite quote

Tackling the underlying unconscious bias can be achieved by acknowledging the problem exists, ensuring there is widespread awareness of it, resolving to do something about it, and becoming accountable for your actions.

- Stacey Gordon

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