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Typhoon is a fighter pilot's adrenaline-fueled memoir, taking the reader from his lengthy and grueling training process to leading the RAF's premier Typhoon squadron on daily missions against ISIS.




by Mike Sutton


Most of us know very little about the realities of being a top fighter jet pilot in the Royal Air Force, or RAF. What kind of person has what it takes to get through fighter jet training? How does one actually fly such a complex weapon? What are the routines and stresses of a squadron running daily bombing missions in the thick of war?

Mike Sutton was an RAF fighter pilot for 18 years and flew the Jaguar strike jet before switching to join the first RAF Typhoon multi-role attack squadron. Sutton also led a fighter squadron in action against ISIS in 2015, and saw action in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2017.

Sutton takes the reader into the fighter jet cockpit and describes in great detail the sensations operating it provokes.

Favorite quote

It is ... a beauty of an aircraft, balanced with fine lines and carved like a post-modern sculpture. Now armed to the teeth with missiles and precision weapons, she had come of age. I felt an emotional connection and trusted her with my life.

- Mike Sutton

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